Wedding Ceremony Programs

Like a wedding invitation, a ceremony program contains information that will benefit the guests of a wedding. But while the details of an invitation are important so that family and friends know where to go and when to introduce themselves, a program is optional. The marriage will continue, whether people know or not, where a reading or the name of the flower girl comes from. If you are on the barrier of whether or not to make programs, read the following truths to help you decide.

Having a program depends on the complexity of your ceremony.

If you have a short service with limited readings and songs, and your wedding party is minimal, you can probably skip the program. On the other hand, if your ceremony will be multicultural or interfaith, say with a minister and an official rabbi, it would be helpful to have a program that lists the main prayers and blessings, song lyrics and the meaning of all the rituals so that guests can follow.

It’s a nice way to shout at the wedding party.

So that your wedding guests know who is walking down the aisle next to you and the groom, it is a sweet gesture to include short biographies of your peeps in the program. If you do without programs, publish the bios on your wedding website instead.

The usefulness of a program lasts only the time of your ceremony.

While some guests keep their program as a souvenir, many others leave it in their place or throw it away. And it goes. That’s also why a simple design that is not expensive can be the best. A program is easy to MAKE on your computer, and then it can be taken to a local printer, a wholesale store or a UPS store for copying.

They keep the guests cool.

If you are getting married on a hot day at an outdoor ceremony or in a non-air-conditioned house of worship, make the program like a fan so that guests can refresh themselves.

They give you another way to add a personal touch to your day.

If your budget can bear the cost, you can design a program that will show the style of your wedding. Personalized programs can tell a lot about you and your new spouse.

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