Ultimate Mother Of The Bride

The mother of the bride traditionally plays a big role in the wedding, especially if she is the host. Guests come to you before, during and after the “i dos” to get information and help. Consider yourself a manager with a number of responsibilities, including those listed below.

Date with the groom’s parents.

If you have never met the parents of your future son-in-law, take the lead and plan a meeting with them. It does not have to be a formal dinner-cocktails or even a meeting for coffee would work. The goal is to get acquainted before the wedding so that on the day your children get married, they will not be strangers.

Go shopping with the bride.

You should be one of the few chosen ones that the bride can see in variations of tulle and silk satin, or whatever she wears. It will be an emotional moment for you, and you will know when she found the right dress.

Plead for the bride as a seller.

This often happens when the bride gets married in her hometown, where she still lives, but she does not. You should be ready to answer all the questions asked by the caterer, baker, florist, etc. if you can not reach your daughter.

Scout sites and suppliers.

This will also happen if the bride lives far from the wedding venue and you are on the spot. Take the direction of your daughter and lots of pictures!

Let the groom’s mother know what color and style you will wear.

This is intended to avoid a fashion disaster where both mothers walk down the aisle in magenta dresses with Short sleeves and silver belts. Embarrassing! However, the length and formality of your dresses should match, so that one of them does not appear in a short cotton dress, and the other in a lace dress.

Support the Bride’s Decisions.

If she does not want to get married underwater and expects her 100 guests to be certified in diving, the bride should make the decision. Of course, if you take the flower bill and hate the yellow roses that the bride has planned for the centerpieces, there will be serious discussions. Try to compromise – maybe the bride could indulge in her favorite flower by having a bouquet of all-yellow roses.

Offer your Shoulder to Cry.

Be there for her when things get tough, for example when the bridesmaids are performing or she finds out that her top photographer is already booked.

Help bridal shower hosts.

If you follow the Tradition, you should not arrange the shower, because the purpose of the holiday is to bring gifts to the bride (The idea was that it would be corny for her to basically say: “bring beautiful gifts to my daughter, guys!”). But times have changed and it is becoming more and more acceptable for the mother of the bride or a relative of the bride to be involved in hosting duties. They can offer to help make decorations, food or favor bags, or contribute to the shower without being mentioned on the invitation.

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