Six Secrets To Keep From Wedding Party

Your bridal party can get excited about all the details of your big day (Hey, you can’t wait to celebrate!), but this does not mean that you have to reveal everything even before it happens. Some things may be worth sharing — say, the order in which you will go out during the ceremony or where you will spend your honeymoon — but other details can be better kept secret. It can give a sense of security — a feeling that you will probably need and want during your marriage. Here experts share the secrets that are quite acceptable to keep from the wedding party – even up to your big day.

They were legally married before their wedding day.

Have you decided to legally close the knot before the wedding? Whatever your reason, you don’t need to share the news with the bridal party unless you want to. “It’s quite appropriate to keep a secret, because in these cases the main party and the anniversary date are always the wedding day with friends and family,” says Lindsey Nickel, wedding planner and owner of Lovely Day Events in Sonoma, California, who says she works with at least one couple a year who wants to get legally married before her big day. “Whether it’s to include your spouse in your health insurance earlier or a partner’s visa ends, there’s no reason why it can’t remain a secret between the two of you.”

The Price of the Wedding.

Whether you’ve saved a lot of money by opting for an inexpensive venue, doing most of your reception decorations and getting a discounted wedding dress or looting like no one else, no one but you and your spouse (and maybe your parents if you’re paying the bill) needs to know how much you spent on your wedding. “The couple has enough Stress with the wedding and the Budget, without having to express themselves from the bridal party,” Nickels adds.

What gifts you get on the big day.

It is natural that you would like to tell your wedding party about a gift that you like to give them so much, but do your best to hide this message until your big day. Even though the gift is part of the “Getting Ready” part of the day, it’s still a very special surprise on your wedding day for all the time, money and energy your bridal party spent in preparation, says Sara Greenberg, wedding planner and owner of Forever Young Party & Event Planning in Massapequa, New York.

What does your wedding dress look like.

While many brides invite their wedding party to participate in the search for the perfect wedding dress, Other brides buy alone, or perhaps with a family member like their mother. Whichever way you decide to do it, it’s fine – it’s up to you. “There’s something to be said if only the bride and her mom know what the dress will look like before the wedding,” says Jodi R. R. Smith, owner of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting in Marblehead, Mass. “There is a magical Moment when the bride appears completely dressed in her wedding bandage and everyone looks with respect.”

What they will say during their vows.

You may be especially proud of the wishes you have written, but your personal promises for the big day are worth saving for the ceremony. In fact, Smith says that the fulfillment of your vows by all your friends can even make you unremarkable and by heart when you actually recite them at your wedding. Instead, she recommends choosing a fabulous friend who is a master blacksmith, and keeping her wishes for feedback and practice.

What song did You choose for your first dance.

Even if it’s your favorite song and a seemingly obvious selection that your bridesmaids and groomsmen can guess for themselves, you don’t need to share your first selection of dance songs before the wedding day. “It’s an intimate and personal selection,” says Dawn Stafford, events expert, wedding planner and creative director of Gathering Souls. “It is not necessary to share this information with the bridal party, and most of the time, if a couple decides to share in advance, suggestions and reviews will follow soon.”

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