Expected Spend On Wedding Welcome Bags

Welcome bags, boxes and gifts are a nice way to welcome your guests to your wedding weekend, especially for guests who have traveled to attend. You can have a few local treats, something refreshing to drink, or even a few small treats to help with the inevitable hangover after the wedding. In order to prevent these costs from being a considerably large amount, you should know here how much you have to spend on the welcome bags.

Defining the UN budget

Emily Slater, co-founder of a Signature Welcome, a company that specializes in welcome bags and gifts for guests, explains that there are many variables that can make prices vary greatly. As an example, she says: “the price of our gifts really varies depending on the quantity, custom items, packaging, content and delivery needs (we will offer delivery in certain regions compared to the shipping itself).”

For a couple who prefers to make their own gifts or welcome bags, you can spend as little as $7 to $10 per bag and just include a nice bottle of mineral water, a few pieces of fresh fruit, some cookies or cereal from a local bakery, a bag of pretzels or french fries and a welcome note. Of course, it’s easy to spend a lot more if you want to add a bottle of wine, local specialties, personalization, etc. Before you even start thinking about what’s going to go in the sack, determine how much you’re willing to think about it and make your decisions by keeping that goal in mind. When budgeting, remember that you can charge one bag per pair.

How To Keep Things Simple

If you’re worried about exceeding your budget or don’t know what to budget, focus on keeping things simple but meaningful. Slater says: “You don’t have to have a million things in a welcome gift to make an impression. Some thoughtful touches like a great local snack in the area, useful items (our branded party remedy amenity kits are a favorite), and something personal for the couple. For example, we recently included personalized signs in the welcome gifts for a wedding between two English doctors ”

Think about whether you need to Offer Additional Gifts

Trends change over long periods of time and Slater says that for the couples she works with, many tend to stop sending guests home with favors at the end of the wedding night. Instead, she says, “We’ve helped many of our couples combine their welcome gifts and favors. To do this, we select certain souvenir items that should be included in the welcome gifts. This serves as a marriage favor and is more convenient and less likely to be left behind.”

Save time

The moment you searched, selected, ordered, unpacked, packed and delivered everything that fits in your welcome bags, you spent many hours on the whole process. “It always takes longer than you think,” Slater says. “Our best advice is to expand if you can. If you are crafting your welcome gifts, make sure you seek help from your wedding party, friends or family in the wedding week. You don’t want to meet in a hotel room to collect welcome gifts when your loved ones arrive at their wedding destination!”

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