Eat This On The Morning Of Your Wedding

There’s a Ton on your wedding morning – There’s hair to style, false eyelashes to apply, and they’re just put on! We understand that. But it is important to make time for your morning meal, especially if you plan to drink Mimosas with your maids before the ceremony. “Breakfast is always important,” emphasizes Cara Clark, a certified nutritionist based in California, “but on this day it is especially important to create the conditions for a long day.”In other words, fill up now because you can not eat again until you bite into the first piece of wedding cake. We asked eight professionals for tips to make you feel full – not stuffed.

Toast Loaded.

Topping two slices of sprouted cereal toast with two tablespoons of nut butter, blueberries, Maca powder and cinnamon “will give you plenty of satiety with enough calories to get you through the tiniest four hours,” Clark swears. “It is also digested quickly enough so that you do not feel bloated and heavy.”

A Perfect inflated.

Holistic nutritionist Elissa Goodman advises avoiding dairy products, refined sugars or other foods that can cause bloating or flatulence. Your choice: coconut yoghurt kefir with berries and gluten-free cereals with nuts. It contains a lot of protein, notes the author of Cancer Hacks, “which ensures that you feel full for longer.She also suggests drinking Tulsi Tea: “It is an adatogenic herb that has a calming effect, keeping you focused and energetic.”

A Delicious Scrambled Egg.

Willow Jarosh, co-founder of C&J Nutrition, has made a selection that is “hearty enough to give you energy all the tiring morning, but not too full.”The registered dietitian acidifies a cup of spicy sweet potato, shakes a handful of kale and covers the mixture with two eggs and a quarter of sliced avocado.

A fiber-filled Version Of Eggs Benedict.

The recipe for potatoes Benedict from Stephanie Clarke,who together with Jarosh wrote the healthy and happy pregnancy cookbook, is not only for pregnant women. She cooks a medium-sized potato in the microwave for five minutes, cuts it, and then acidifies the halves with two teaspoons of olive oil. The registered dietician then covers everyone with tomatoes, a boiled egg and a yogurt sauce made from Dijon mustard, Greek yogurt, dried dill and lemon juice. The fibre from the potatoes and the protein from the egg and yogurt sauce are satisfying, says Clarke, meaning there’s no risk you’ll end up being hangry.

Bananas on toast.

Brigitte Zeitlin, founder of BZ Nutrition, advises beating the fuss with whole grain toast or topping a banana with two tablespoons of nut butter. Both options, says the registered dietician, “have just the right amount of fiber to keep you full, but not too much to make you feel bloated.”


“The perfect breakfast for your wedding anniversary is filled with proteins, fats and fiber, which will keep you full and full of energy without causing a sugar crash,” says the dietitian. Your “best bet” is a whole egg omelet with avocado and spinach. Brooke Alpert, founder of Bau, explains: “Spinach is a great source of fiber, but it doesn’t cause stretching like kale or broccoli.”

A filling smoothie.

For Holistic Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque, nothing beats a morning Smoothie. Their chocolate Almond Butter Smoothie “is the perfect combination of protein, fat, fiber and vegetables to balance blood sugar, keep you full and give you all the nutrients you need,” says the founder and author of Be Well by Kelly’s next Body Love. Mix one Serving of chocolate protein, two tablespoons of almond butter, two tablespoons of chia seeds, 2 cups of unsweetened almond milk and a handful of spinach.

A green Juice.

A blend of spinach, Romaine, celery, Banana, pear and apple, the nutritionist’s glowing green juice “packs a mega-punch of vitamins, minerals and amino acids,” says Kimberly Snyder, the New York Times bestselling author of the beauty Detox and Radical Beauty series. “It’s the ultimate energy and beauty Booster.”

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